Skill Category NPC Questname
AlchemyJobsMalco MokkarMalco's Munchies
Armor MakingJobsKethzun GuthazikA Measure of Protection
BakingJobsKireya AhinitKireya needs help filling orders
CookingJobsHarnquistHarnquist is Hungry
CookingJobsSeduna SecutDeliveries for Seduna
Combat (any skill)CombatBjorid HaakthirHide Hunt
EmpathyVariousBradoBrado wants a clean tavern
EmpathyVariousRemant TovereRemants Gauntlets
FishingJobsKzavu GilnetFishing lessons for fish
HarvestingJobsKaiman JilattKaiman Jilatt needs plant supplies
HerbalJobsKeianaKeiana's Supplies
Mace MakingJobsGardr KeckAssisting Gardr
MetallurgyJobsSelisar ZeinifaFrom the Flames of the Furnace
MiningJobsFholen MedraaOre and ore and ore
SwordCombatGregori StevaldThe order of the keen edge
NPC Questname
Archilaya GurpleferdArchilaya's Daily Delivery--
Finara PlundFinara's Lunch--
Malco MokkarMalco Broke Hammer--
Nalri GrimtorrNalri Needs Hide Strips--
Selisar ZeinifaFrom the Flames of the Furnace 3 Starphires, 1 level in Metallurgy
Sinto GheshdSalve For Sore Hands--
Bjorid HaakthirHide Hunt--
Gardr KeckAssisting Gardr1 level in Mace Making
BradoBrado wants a Clean Tavern--
Kethzun GuthazikA Measure of Protection1 level in Armor Making
JayoseJayose Lamp Fuel--
Krestal DhushoKrestal's Letter Delivery Drinking Gourd of Brado's Special, 4 Travel Token
Fordanot HelsunBead of Sanity--
Malco MokkarMalco's Munchies--
Jirosh MikanaRats in the Warehouse--
Moren FindelMoren Needs New Boots--
Malco MokkarMalco Need Lunch 2 Diamond Crystal
Darven BounashA Dark Thief II Beer Mug, Snowbud
Jashoky DakarnJashoky Needs Seeds--
HarnquistHarnquist is Hungry--
Gulm OssoeSculpting Supplies for Gulm--
Levrus DahrennWithout a Way Apprentice's Blue Way Staff -or- Apprentice's Brown Way Staff -or- Apprentice's Crystal Way Staff -or- Apprentice's Red Way Staff -or- Way Amulet
Vresa NohdiirVresa's New Sword Mind glyph
Grok IdonGrok's Delivery for Durok Sabre
HarnquistHarnquist Weapon Commission--
Toda OmbretisGolden Ring Golden Ring
Fholen MedraaOre and ore and ore1 level in Mining
Gurgus DahnikInviting Talent--
Jardet ForsillInsects in the Garden--
Pevrin DamerrA Brother's Love--
Jardet ForsillJardet Wants Lake Mushrooms Summon glyph
Kaiman JilattKaiman Jilatt Needs Plants Supplies1 level in Harvesting
Kzavu GilnetFishing lessons for fish1 level in Fishing
MenitaMenita's Puzzle Gas glyph, Magic Wand Ornate
Charisa MalodPaper for Charisa--
Remant TovereRemant's Sword--
Levrus DahrennLevrus Rat Eye Cold glyph -or- Arrow glyph -or- Energy glyph
Finra NeticloFinra's Gift--
Thorian GronkThorian's Shield--
Charisa MalodBlessed Nettle Supply--
HarnquistHarnquist's Raw Materials--
BradoBrado's Order--
Rylour AwnnysInterview Sunshine Squadron Applicants--
Jardet ForsillGorbiak Disease--
Remant TovereRemant's Gauntlets--

* All the quests displayed here will level up your skill by 1.
** Every quest will be available after being logged for 6 or 10 hours.

*** The theory exists that skills which have at least 2 quests to improve can be done every 10 hours, the others every 6.