Moren Needs New Boots
Required: 1 Leather Boots.
→ Go to Moren Findel
YOU: You look upset?
-Moren shifts his weight to his left leg and shakes his right foot.-
Moren: Hmmmm.
-Moren then shifts his weight to his right leg and shakes his left foot. He then returns his weight to both legs and shakes his head.-
Moren: These boots have seen better days.
Moren: I wish I could get a new pair right now, but I am still on duty.
-Moren Findel looks at you.-
Moren: Would you help me get a new pair of leather boots?
YOU: Sure.
-Moren nods.-
Moren: You are too kind.
Moren: Return as fast as you can; my feet can't handle these boots anymore.
YOU: Here are your boots.
-Moren removes the old boots and slips on the new boots.-
Moren: Ahhh, much better.
Moren: Thank you kind Sir.
-Moren Findel hands you a few coins.-
Moren: Thanks for the quick delivery.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Guard, 1297 Tria, 8000 XP.