Ring of Radiance
Required: Lyrus Has An Idea quest, 3 Silver Ores.
→ Go to Lyrus Lospur
YOU: Do you have any other work I can do for you?
Lyrus: Oh, you're back again, my helpful Kran?
Lyrus: It seems you are just in time, as I need an errand run for me.
Lyrus: Levrus - you know of Levrus Dahrenn don't you?
Lyrus: Well if you don't, Levrus is a mage of some skill over near Hydlaa.
Lyrus: Anyway, he asked me for something and I have it for him.
Lyrus: Will you deliver it for me?
YOU: I think I can manage it.
Lyrus: Good, I knew I could count on you.
Lyrus: Here is what I need.
Lyrus: Levrus has heard about my new ring making method and thinks he can make a new and improved magic ring for something or other.
Lyrus: I don't really know.
Lyrus: Humans have strange ideas about magic, don't you think?
Lyrus: Anyway, he asked me if I had another of these rings for him to play with.
Lyrus: It so happens that I do.
-Lyrus gives you a ring that appears to be made of diamond.-
Lyrus: Take this to him, and I will give you some coin on your return.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: This ring is for you.
Levrus: What is this?
Levrus: Oh my, but this is lovely.
Levrus: One of Lyrus' new pieces is it not?
Levrus: Yes, I can tell by the feel of her.
Levrus: Very secretive one, that woman, but no matter.
Levrus: This will be perfect for my experiments.
Levrus: Do you care to know what I am trying to do?
YOU: Sure. It should be… interesting.
Levrus: How delightful!
Levrus: Yes, I have been doing some research on the numerous types of familiars, and I think I have discovered some more.
Levrus: No, no, I won't tell you about them yet.
Levrus: I don't even know if they are able to be summoned to this plane.
Levrus: But, if they can be, I will need something more substantial than gold to hold the enchantments.
Levrus: Do you see?
Levrus: Anyway.
Levrus: Thank you for bringing this to me; I believe Lady Lospur is expecting this.
-Levrus Dahrenn hands you an egg.-
Levrus: Oh, no, not that…
Levrus: I mean this, I'll take that back.
-Levrus takes the egg back and gives you a pouch containing coins.-
Levrus: Yes, yes, that is better.
Levrus: Take that to Miss Lospur, please.
→ Go to Lyrus Lospur
Lyrus: Fabulous!
-Lyrus hefts the pouch in her slender hand.-
Lyrus: Yes, that feels about right.
Lyrus: Very upstanding man, Levrus…
Lyrus: for a Xacha.
Lyrus: Anyway, thank you for your help!
Lyrus: I do hope to see you around again.
-Lyrus opens the pouch and counts out some coins for you.-
Lyrus: Actually, could you do me a little favor first?
Lyrus: I would like you to go and visit Levrus again.
Lyrus: I am heartily curious regarding how his experiments are coming.
Lyrus: If whatever he is doing works out, it could mean a very large, very long term commission for me.
Lyrus: Will you go see?
YOU: Absolutely. Chatting with him is always entertaining.
Lyrus: Good to hear.
Lyrus: Remember to keep this all rather quiet, won't you?
Lyrus: It's no secret that I am making these rings now, but if they are capable of what Levrus thinks they are…
Lyrus: well, I'll have customers coming out of my ears and
-Lyrus pauses and cranes her neck to look over your shoulder to see if anyone is watching. She smiles at you.-
Lyrus: I am just not ready for that yet.
Lyrus: Please go and ask him how his research is going.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Did your tests on the ring go well?
Levrus: Oh, hello again.
Levrus: How is it going?
Levrus: What are you…
Levrus: Oh!
Levrus: Oh that?
-Levrus sighs.-
Levrus: Alas, the experiment was a complete failure.
Levrus: The creatures I discovered are irrevocably tied to their home plane.
Levrus: Too bad.
Levrus: Fortunately, the ring itself was not destroyed.
Levrus: Hmm, humm, hemm, but now I have another idea, yes.
Levrus: If you will go and get another of these rings from Lyrus, I think I will make something special for you.
-Levrus winks.-
Levrus: Just tell her that I need another; the girl is clever enough not to ask too many questions.
→ Go to Lyrus Lospur
YOU: Levrus would like another of your specially crafted rings.
Lyrus: Another ring?
Lyrus: How strange.
-Lyrus considers for a long moment.-
Lyrus: All right, I will let him have one more, but that is all, until I learn more about what he is doing with them.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: admires the sparkle of the ring as Levrus takes it in stained fingers.
Levrus: Good, good.
Levrus: Yes, my latest experiment has worked out very well.
Levrus: While you were gone, I enchanted the last ring.
Levrus: It is not quite what I'd had in mind originally, but I think you will be pleased.
Levrus: The true test now is to see if I can replicate it.
Levrus: Now, I will need three bits of silver ore and a bottle of pure water and then I may proceed.
-Levrus gives you a green glass bottle marked with silvery runes.-
Levrus: Use this to carry the water or it shall be spoiled for our use.
Levrus: If you will go get those ingredients for me, I will prepare the rest.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: May I have some of the water from this pool?
Jardet: My, what an interesting bottle.
-Jardet looks it over, then uncorks it and kneels by the pool for a minute to fill it.-
-The wind may be heard blowing over the wall in this quiet moment and ripples cross the pool.-
Jardet: There, one bottle of pure water.
-Jardet corks the bottle and returns it to you.-
Jardet: Farewell, and may Xiosia lead you to peace.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: I've brought the reagents you requested.
Levrus: Hmm…
Levrus: thank you, Gemma, but why are you giving me these?
-Levrus looks puzzled and then his face brightens.-
Levrus: Oh yes, the ring!
-Levrus giggles.-
-Levrus holds up the water and peers at the bottom of the bottle for a bit.-
Levrus: Very good, I see no sediments.
-Levrus uncorks the bottle and drinks from it.-
Levrus: Mmm, excellent water.
Levrus: Now, let's see…
Levrus: the ring, yes.
Levrus: Give me just a moment and I will have this ready for you.
-Levrus sets the ring upon a nearby table, softly chanting words you cannot make out.-
-Levrus dashes the ring with pure water from the bottle and places the three silver ores around the ring. He frowns at the arrangement and murmurs a single word. The water suddenly flares up in bright blue flames and burns away the silver ores, their azure smoke and fumes funneling into the ring.-
-Levrus then claps his hands together once and thrusts them towards the ring, palms-down, causing a small flash of brilliant light that surrounds the ring, leaving it with a soft glow.-
-Levrus sighs and wipes the back of a hand across his suddenly-sweating brow.-
Levrus: Ah, yes, this does seem to work indeed.
Levrus: Here you are, the second of my Rings of Radiance!
Levrus: With it, you will find yourself a little more attuned to the Azure Way.
Levrus: Please, go back to Lyrus and tell her that it worked.
Levrus: I will be wanting more of these in time.
→ Go to Lyrus Lospur
YOU: The latest tests have proved a success. Levrus is pleased.
Lyrus: That is very good news.
Lyrus: I suppose I will be expecting some orders for more rings from him soon enough.
Lyrus: You have done me a very great service and I thank you.
-Lyrus smiles at you, pleased. She opens her purse and gives you three golden circles.-
Lyrus: Please accept these as a token of my esteem.
Rewards: 1 Ring of Radiance, 25 Faction with Artists Association, 15 Faction with Nolthrir, 5530 Tria, 13600 XP.