Lyrus Has An Idea
Required: Loren Chama needs a wood sculpture quest, 3 Ruby Crystal, 2 Diamond Crystal, 1 Sapphire Crystal.
→ Go to Lyrus Lospur
YOU: I'm interested in a bit of work for a bit of tria. Do you have anything for me?
Lyrus: Good day to you, Kran.
Lyrus: Looking for a little work?
Lyrus: Fine, fine.
Lyrus: As it so happens, I do have something I need help with.
-Lyrus smiles and her bright green eyes sparkle prettily.-
Lyrus: I have come up with a rather wonderful idea for a new piece of jewellery.
Lyrus: I make most of it myself you know, but I need one more thing to complete the new tool to be used for this idea.
Lyrus: If you will help me, Gemma, I would be very grateful and could reward you well.
Lyrus: Are you willing to help?
YOU: Easy enough… I'll do it!
Lyrus: Oh, goody!
Lyrus: I had so hoped you might.
Lyrus: In order for my idea to work, I need you to take this to Gulm Ossoe, the local sculptor.
Lyrus: These are plans for a very special tool.
Lyrus: I will also need a few ruby crystals.
-Lyrus thinks for a moment.-
Lyrus: Three should be enough.
Lyrus: Lastly, I'll need two diamonds and an sapphire to finish the piece.
Lyrus: Make sure you show Gulm the plans first.
-Lyrus hands you a small pouch.-
Lyrus: Oh, and give this to kra as well, please.
Lyrus: It is the payment for the work!
→ Go to Gulm Ossoe
YOU: I have a delivery for you.
Gulm: What is…
-Gulm looks over the plans and makes a whistling noise.-
Gulm: You got this from Lyrus didn't you?
Gulm: I see she also sent payment in advance, which is much good of her!
-Gulm looks thoughtful as kra studies the plans.-
Gulm: This will take some time to complete, but she has made some much good plans.
Gulm: Give me some time to work on this.
Gulm: If you have something else to do, now might be the time to do it.
Gulm: Just come back later and ask if I am finished.
YOU: Have you had enough time to complete Lyrus Lospur's commission?
Gulm: Ah, there you are!
Gulm: Much good this will be, when it is finished.
-Gulm looks you over carefully.-
Gulm: It will be too heavy for you, even without the water.
Gulm: You will need someone to carry it.
Gulm: Not to worry though!
Gulm: I know someone.
Gulm: You know Malco Mokkar, don't you?
Gulm: Big kran, kra is not so…
-Gulm pauses and looks around, and then speaks quietly.-
Gulm: Kra is not the clearest crystal in Gugrontid, but kra is plenty strong.
Gulm: Much good, that!
Gulm: Go tell Malco I sent you and kra should help.
→ Go to Malco Mokkar
YOU: Could you carry a rather heavy tool for me?
Malco: Oh, Malco carry!
Malco: Yes, Malco carry good.
Malco: Tell Gulm Malco come soon.
→ Go to Gulm Ossoe
YOU: Malco Mokkar was indeed quite helpful. Kra agreed to deliver the tool.
Gulm: Much good news that is.
Gulm: Run along now and tell Miss Lospur that her tool is ready.
→ Go to Lyrus Lospur
YOU: Your order has been completed.
Lyrus: Very good, but why are you telling me this?
-Lyrus looks at you dubiously.-
Lyrus: Where is my tool?
YOU: It was too heavy for me to carry, so Malco Mokkar has agreed to deliver it.
Lyrus: Oh, I see.
Lyrus: Well, that does make sense.
Lyrus: It is a bit heavy I am sure.
Lyrus: Well, the tool was not the only thing I sent you to get.
Lyrus: Please bring me the three ruby crystals, two diamonds, and the sapphire crystal that I will need.
YOU: I have all the gems you asked for.
-Lyrus looks over the gems with a giddy smile.-
Lyrus: Yes, oh yes, these are quite perfect!
Lyrus: These rubies will do quite nicely, but then they are a fairly easy stone to cut.
Lyrus: I expect the diamonds will be a bit more difficult to work with, but if my new tool works as well on them as I planned, I will have quite a lovely gift for Davikel's birthday.
Lyrus: Please take these as my thanks.
-Lyrus gives you a ruby ring and a few coins.-
Lyrus: The ring is the very first piece I made using this new tool.
Lyrus: Thank you for helping me to get it completed and working!
Rewards: 1 Ruby Ring, 20 Faction with Artists Association, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.