Trasok's Commission
Required: Learning Shield Working quest, Rank 15 Shield making, 1 Ulbernaut Heart, 20 Gold Ingots, 3 Steel Stocks, 14 Bronze Spikes, 1 Beer.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: Hello Trasok, you look quite busy. Anything I can help with?
Trasok: Aye, aye…
Trasok: I look busy, indeed.
Trasok: Look, I've got this commission from Lord Iragdun.
Trasok: He wants a new shield for him, an' replacements for his guards.
Trasok: But…
-Trasok sighs deeply.-
Trasok: I don't have enough materials an' I'm way too busy to leave the smith shop.
Trasok: Can ye please help me?
YOU: Sure, I will help you.
Trasok: Good.
Trasok: This is what I'll need.
Trasok: It's a sizable list so ya might want ta write it down.
-Trasok stops working for a moment and starts reading a list of items.-
Trasok: An ulbernaut heart.
Trasok: Twenty ingots of gold.
Trasok: Three stocks of steel.
Trasok: Fourteen bronze shield spikes.
Trasok: Oh, and a beer.
-Trasok chuckles and smiles at YOU under his beard.-
YOU: One ulbernaut heart. It wasn't an easy thing to come by.
Trasok: I know, I know.
Trasok: But I need it to make some special steel.
-Trasok uses his hand to extract the blood from the heart, pouring it into a small furnace with some kind of molten metal, stirring it afterwards.-
Trasok: It does look tasty, doesn't it?
-Trasok gives a rumbling laughter.-
YOU: Here, the gold ingots. What do you need those for?
Trasok: Oh, I was short on gold an' I need to make some edgings out of these.
Trasok: Actually, I think I'm a bit short on everything.
-Trasok stands on his toetips and smirks, winking at YOU.-
YOU: The steel stocks. These were the easiest.
Trasok: Aye, weren't they?
Trasok: Steel is something everyone can get easily.
Trasok: And very versatile, it can be used for armor, weapons, an' shields.
Trasok: For now, I'll use it for some shield shapes.
Trasok: Anything left?
YOU: The bronze spikes, pretty pointy.
Trasok: Ow!
-Trasok pulls his hand back.-
Trasok: Indeed they're pointy!
Trasok: I think these will do well enough, aye.
-Trasok puts the spikes away in a safe place.-
Trasok: Is that all?
YOU: Ah of course, here's your beer.
-Trasok smiles.-
Trasok: I thought ye might've forgotten.
-Trasok takes the mug and takes a good long sip, wiping the foam from his beard.-
Trasok: You've done well, YOU.
Trasok: So well, I think I'll share some of my crafting books with you.
Trasok: I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy them as much as I do.
-Trasok hands you a stack of books and some coins.-
Rewards: 1 Five-Spiked Shield Diagram, 1 Enforcer Shield Diagram, 1 Golden Shield Diagram, 15 Faction with Crafting Association, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.