The Practical Dark Way Adept
Required: Knowledge of the Dark Way Adept quest, Rank 90 Dark Way, 1 Adept's Dark Way Wand, 1 Apprentice's Dark Way Robe.
→ Go to Rulayne Ogrin
YOU: Please except my Way Wand as proof of being a worthy student.
Rulayne: Your dedication astounds me, YOU.
Rulayne: Not to mention the fact that you still live.
Rulayne: Rather disappointing, but who am I to question the will of Dakkru?
-Rulayne hands back the wand, shaking his head.-
Rulayne: It is nearly time for you to begin your Master level testing.
Rulayne: First, you will travel to the Eagle Bronze Doors.
Rulayne: Zhaomal of the Shadowcasters need to be taught a lesson in a Dark Way matter.
Rulayne: Let him know you are there to…
Rulayne: help.
-Rulayne mask grins.-
→ Go to Zhaomal Shehan
YOU: I was told you needed help.
Zhaomal: You are much too good looking to be Rulayne.
Zhaomal: That mask must hide a face only a mother could bare.
-Zhaomal laughs before looking at you with some curiosity.-
Zhaomal: Let's see what you know.
Zhaomal: I have a young Shadowcaster residing in Sarpendil who is a very competent messenger.
Zhaomal: He is the fastest foot to either the Eagle Bronze Door or Hydlaa, and stakes his day's pay on making the trip in short time than anyone else can.
Zhaomal: In saying that, he noticed that every time he makes a delivery to Dark Wanderer, he is exhausted on the way back and needs many rest stops before returning.
-Zhaomal taps his chin.-
Zhaomal: So, he keeps losing out every time he delivers for the Wanderer.
Zhaomal: The Wanderer has admitted to using a Dark Way spell, and that he will repay all lost delivery fees we can tell what spell or glyph combination is used.
Zhaomal: So Sir Dark Way Adept, what do you suggest is the spell or combine that overwhelms the poor messenger so?
YOU: Illness and Weakness Glyphs.
-Zhaomal nods while thinking.-
Zhaomal: That would do it.
-Zhaomal removes a hand full of glyphs from his glyph sack, then sorts out three of them.-
Zhaomal: It seems I have an extra glyph here.
Zhaomal: Even I do not need more than one of each glyph.
-Zhaomal shakes his head.-
Zhaomal: You know what, you may have this glyph for sharing your knowledge.
Zhaomal: Perhaps you will consider joining the Shadowcasters in time.
Zhaomal: You do not need to join now, nor do I think you have enough talent.
Zhaomal: For that, you must achieve Adept status in all Way Circles, and Master in none.
Zhaomal: I only ask you consider it if that time comes.
Zhaomal: One more thing.
Zhaomal: Do say thank you to Rulayne for sending such a talented Enkidukai.
→ Go to Rulayne Ogrin
YOU: Zhaomal sends thanks.
Rulayne: He does, does he?
Rulayne: He thanks me for giving him another prospect is all.
Rulayne: Your 'talents' were likely wasted on a problem he already had the solution to.
Rulayne: The Shadowcasters are always looking for the most talented practitioners in all six Ways to join them.
-Rulayne shrugs.-
Rulayne: That is your choice to make.
Rulayne: Perhaps his ways will kill you faster than mine.
Rulayne: One can only hope.
Rulayne: The robe you carry belongs to an apprentice, which you are clearly no longer.
Rulayne: Give it to me now.
YOU: My robe as requested, sir.
Rulayne: Yes, you will no longer use this robe.
-Rulayne tosses it to the ground and steps on it.-
Rulayne: I must ask you one last question.
Rulayne: This one is very important, as it will affect what you choose to do next.
Rulayne: Tell me what Way directly opposes the Dark Way.
YOU: Crystal Way.
Rulayne: Correct again.
Rulayne: You have proven your knowledge of the Dark Way to me.
Rulayne: I am no longer embarrassed to present you with your new robe, Adept of the Dark Way.
-Rulayne hands you a neatly folded robe.-
Rulayne: As I mentioned, I am sure Zhaomal tried to convince you to consider joining the Shadowcasters.
Rulayne: Your last chance to do so will soon be upon you.
Rulayne: Take your new robe and show it to Londris.
Rulayne: He will tell you of the choices you have to make.
→ Go to Londris Kolaim
YOU: Please except my Way Robe as proof of being a worthy student.
-Londris speaks without looking at you, his attention absorbed by one of his books.-
Londris: Rulayne has approved of you?
Londris: Well then, you think it is time for you to speak to her, don't you?
Londris: Well, you can't.
Londris: She has no time for those that are not completely devoted to the Dark Way Circle.
Londris: A choice is now before you.
Londris: This is the last test before you will no longer be allowed to change your chosen Way of study.
Londris: If you continue on the path to Mastery in the Dark Way Circle, you will not be able to advance beyond apprentice level in the Crystal Way Circle.
Londris: You will not be able to advance beyond low Adept in the Azure and Blue way Circles.
Londris: You will not be allowed to advance to Master level in Red and Brown Way Circles.
Londris: Do you understand this?
YOU: Yes, be careful of mixing with opposing magic.
Londris: Very well.
Londris: If your wishes bring you to follow the Dark Way to full mastery, you will need to finish your training to the extent of Rulayne's abilities.
Londris: Then you may come to me and give me your wand together with another Adept's Dark Way Wand and one Apprentice's Dark Way Wand, which also may be borrowed from a fellow student.
Londris: This is to prove you have gained the respect and trust of your Adept peers, as well as the Apprentices.
Londris: Remember, once you bring these three wands to me, there will be no turning back.
Londris: Think long and hard before you make this choice, YOU.
Rewards: 1 Daemon glyph, 1 Adept's Dark Way Robe, 1 Faction with Dark Order, 16400 XP.