Search for Old Pottery
Required: Search for the Old Coin quest.
→ Go to Menlil Toresun
YOU: Do you have another job for me?
Menlil: I used the coin you gave me and something happened, but it's still not enough for me to understand the message Laanx is trying to tell me.
Menlil: Probably it's just my lack of experience, but I am learning fast.
Menlil: I think I need a bigger object, still old, but bigger.
Menlil: Like an old piece of pottery.
Menlil: I think you might be able to find one from some old shop, or some place that might use pottery to store liquids.
Menlil: Can you find one for me?
YOU: Why ever not? It sounds like fun.
Menlil: Great!
Menlil: Please try to find an old vase or something similar.
Menlil: The more ancient, the better.
→ Go to Brado
YOU: Do you have some old pottery I could buy? Something like an old vase?
Brado: Hmmm…
Brado: An old vase?
Brado: Well, I have some junk here below my counter.
Brado: Some of it might even be worth something!
Brado: But I'm not knowledgeable enough to know what is and what isn't, nor do I particularly care…
Brado: So I'll exchange one piece for a small amount of money.
Brado: Give me, say, ten tria and it's yours.
YOU: Here is your 10 tria.
Brado: So you really do want that old pottery?
-Brado shrugs.-
Brado: As you wish, here it is.
→ Go to Menlil Toresun
YOU: Here, I found this piece of old pottery for you.
Menlil: Ah yes!
Menlil: This one looks quite good for the well I think.
Menlil: I'm pretty sure it will work.
Menlil: Wait here for a few minutes please.
-Menlil walks away.-
-After a few minutes, he returns.-
Menlil: Yes, it worked!
Menlil: I've finally got some kind of message from the well!
Menlil: Unfortunately, it's quite hard to understand, and I need you to help me again.
Menlil: Please go to Jayose and ask him about this phrase: 'Herta Feer Garad'.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: I'd like to know the translation of the phrase 'Herta Feer Garad'.
Jayose: It's surely some magical language.
Jayose: I remember reading about a similar one in one of these books…
Jayose: I will search for it.
-Jayose moves into the library and starts searching the shelves. After a few minutes, he returns holding a book.-
Jayose: I've found it!
Jayose: It's related to Laanx mythology.
Jayose: This book says that the phrase 'Herta Feer Garad' was written on a few monuments in the legendary Kadaikos and means: 'light forms shadow'.
Jayose: You can give those words to the person that asked for the translation.
→ Go to Menlil Toresun
YOU: Jayose told me that phrase means 'light forms shadow'.
Menlil: Ahh!
Menlil: That's the translation..
Menlil: How foolish of me.
Menlil: How could I have missed that part?
Menlil: It's been a long time since I studied the holy books of Laanx and it seems that I've forgotten some quite important pieces!
Menlil: Anyway, thanks for your help, here is your reward.
Rewards: 1 Hand glyph, 15 Faction with Iron Hand, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.