Road to Master Cook Chapter One
Required: Tools of the Cooking Trade quest, 5 Tefusang Claws.
→ Go to Mirra Houphen
YOU: Hi Mirra, how are you?
Mirra: How wonderful, YOU!
Mirra: You have returned!
Mirra: The Caramel of Kada El turned out delicious.
Mirra: I have mastered that and have made some rather tasty treats since then.
Mirra: I would like another recipe; I'm craving something more savoury.
Mirra: Will you help me?
YOU: Yeah, I got some free time to help you.
Mirra: Wonderful!
Mirra: The next recipe is a bit of a walk from here.
Mirra: Reffitia Thamal is the cook at The Broken Doors Tavern.
Mirra: She and I met once and she served a delicious dish.
Mirra: I doubt she will give up her famous recipe for 'Sarraghi Steak' but it is worth a try.
Mirra: Ask her about the recipe and see what you can do, YOU.
→ Go to Reffitia Thamal
YOU: I am looking to get a copy of your 'Sarraghi Steak' recipe.
Reffitia: Hmmm?
Reffitia: You want the recipe for the world famous 'Sarraghi Steak'?
YOU: Oh, yes please.
Reffitia: Well..
Reffitia: I'm not going to give that one up so easily.
Reffitia: Are you willing to work in order to gain one of my most prized possessions?
YOU: What must I do?
Reffitia: Well then…
Reffitia: the meat in the dish is the marrow taken from the inside of a tefusang claw.
-Reffitia looks at you.-
Reffitia: You find this surprising?
Reffitia: Well now you know the reason why it is so special and tasty!
Reffitia: If you can get me…
Reffitia: let's say…
Reffitia: five of them, I shall hand you the recipe.
YOU: gives Reffitia the claws.
-Reffitia sighs as she takes the claws.-
Reffitia: Well, a promise is a promise.
Reffitia: Here is the recipe.
Reffitia: Now go quickly before I change my mind.
→ Go to Mirra Houphen
YOU: I was able to get the recipe you seek.
Mirra: YOU, I am truly surprised!
Mirra: I did not believe that she would ever share this recipe.
Mirra: Great job!
Mirra: I must go now: I have work to do.
Mirra: I must try out this recipe!
Mirra: My mouth is watering as we speak!
Mirra: Take these well earned Tria!
Rewards: 20 Faction with Food Association, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.