Relliom's Commodities
Required: An Eager Clacker quest, 1 Green Clacker Ribbon.
[INFO]: You get the Green Clacker Ribbon from the An Eager Clacker quest.
→ Go to Relliom
YOU: gives Relliom the green clacker ribbon.
Relliom: You return once again, as I knew you would.
Relliom: Sysial is very talented, wouldn't you agree?
Relliom: Such a grand find she was, and such unique abilities.
-Relliom takes the ribbon and rubs a small spot of grime from himself.-
Relliom: Sorry about the…dark appearance.
Relliom: It is difficult keeping one's self clean in such an environment, but we must all get our hands dirty on occasion.
Relliom: Now, I assume you are looking for another task, yes?
Relliom: I have just the thing.
Relliom: A certain person has been causing me…trouble, and must be taught a serious and final lesson.
Relliom: For this, I have need of some basic commodities, and I believe you will do well to get them for me.
Relliom: Will you offer your aid to me once again?
YOU: Yes, your word is my command.
-Relliom nods in approval.-
Relliom: The target of this task is travelling spice merchant named Jeroric, though the name should not matter to you.
Relliom: In Jeroric's name, I have ordered an item from Kada-El's Tavern.
Relliom: Allelia will know about Jeroric's order.
Relliom: I'll give you the order receipt…
-Relliom pats his pockets in a way that clearly indicates he does not expect to find anything.-
Relliom: …oh dear.
Relliom: I must have misplaced it.
Relliom: Lost items are so hard to track, wouldn't you say?
-Relliom grins.-
Relliom: It would be a shame if they did not believe Jeroric signed the order.
Relliom: If she asks, tell her you lost it.
Relliom: Come straight back once you get it.
→ Go to Allelia Symiestra
YOU: I am here to fetch Jeroric's order.
Allelia: Ah yes, I have it right here.
-Allelia smiles.-
Allelia: Do you have the order receipt?
YOU: It has been lost.
-Allelia smile falters.-
Allelia: Well…it was supposed to be picked up by now.
Allelia: In fact, it was supposed to be picked up only a little while ago.
Allelia: Out of town people are so hard to deal with sometimes.
-Allelia looks thoughtful.-
Allelia: I guess I can trust you with it, since you knew the order had been placed…
-Allelia smile returns and she holds out a bottle filled with a substance you can not identify.-
Allelia: It is quite hard to find so be careful with it.
→ Go to Relliom
YOU: gives Relliom the order from Jeroric.
-Relliom's eyes seem to sparkle for a second as he nods in a manner so gracious it borders on condescension, then looks around for a moment.-
Relliom: My thanks.
Relliom: One has got to be very attentive when he is surrounded by creatures and fiends.
-Relliom smiles at you.-
Relliom: Jeroric always picks up his orders on time, but he seems to be…preoccupied with other business.
Relliom: So preoccupied, in fact, that he seems to have forgotten a few more orders.
Relliom: You will pick them up and deliver them to me.
Relliom: Take these to the people they are addressed to and do not come back until you have them all.
→ Go to Willam Chorind
YOU: gives Willam the order from Jeroric.
-Willam opens the envelope and pulls out a page, reading it over.-
Willam: Finally, he was supposed to pick this up hours ago.
Willam: I do hope he's all right.
Willam: He comes around every few months to deliver spices and make a deposit, but he's been acting very strange these last few visits.
Willam: Could you ask about him for me?
YOU: Sure, I'll ask as soon as I see him.
Willam: Thank you and here you go.
-William hands you a box.-
Willam: Always looking over his shoulder the last I saw him…
Willam: poor fellow.
-Willam shakes his head.-
Willam: I do hope everything is alright.
→ Go to Amidison Stronghand
YOU: gives Amidison the order from Jeroric.
-Amidison looks you up and down before turning her attention to the scroll.-
Amidison: It's very odd that Jeroric had me do this for him.
Amidison: His business has been doing well from what I heard.
Amidison: Have you any idea why he's been acting so oddly?
YOU: Yes I know.
Amidison: So, there is a reason?
-Amidison thinks for a moment.-
Amidison: Don't tell me, I've no need to pry.
-Amidison hands you an envelope.-
Amidison: Here you go.
→ Go to Jefecra Harcrit
YOU: gives Jefecra the order from Jeroric.
-Jefecra breaks the seal on the scroll and reads it.-
Jefecra: Well…okay, here you go.
Jefecra: Quite the expensive piece, but the money he sent more than covered it.
-Jefecra hands you an intricate looking dagger.-
Jefecra: Was very odd that Jeroric asked me for this, as we only talk once in a while when he passes through.
Jefecra: But I guess he knew I had contacts.
Jefecra: Wonder what he needs it for…
-Jefecra chuckles.-
Jefecra: The ways of the rich, eh?
→ Go to Relliom
YOU: Here are all the items.
Relliom: Very well done.
Relliom: Your value is rising in my eyes.
-Relliom turns the dagger over in his hands, admiring it.-
Relliom: Interesting thing, eh?
Relliom: Jeroric seems to want the oddest items lately…as far as those fools are concerned.
Relliom: We know better though.
-Relliom laughs and sets the dagger on top of the box from Willam before picking up the letter.-
Relliom: Hmm…I wager Jeroric would like to know what this says.
Relliom: Too bad he will never find out.
-Relliom gives you a thoughtful look.-
Relliom: All that running around might make one curious.
Relliom: I must ask.
Relliom: Do you have any questions, queries, or something else tickling the back of your mind?
Relliom: Perhaps you would like to know about Jeroric, since you will not be meeting him personally?
Relliom: Ask, and I will answer.
YOU: No questions.
-Relliom smiles.-
Relliom: Good, good.
Relliom: Curiosity is a dangerous thing down here.
Relliom: Here is a little something for your unquestioning obedience.
-Relliom reaches into an oddly familiar box and hands you some coins.-
Relliom: I will see you again after you have proven your worth to the others, YOU.
Rewards: 55 Faction with Cabal of Whispers, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.