Knowledge and Practical of the Dark Way Master
Required: Dark Way Master Training quest, Rank 130 Dark Way, 1 Master's Dark Way Wand, 1 Adept's Dark Way Bracers, 1 Lava glyph, 1 Hand glyph.
[INFO]: You get the glyphs back.
→ Go to Evelyn
YOU: Please except this wand as proof of my dedication to the Dark Way, Archmistress.
Evelyn: Your progress is pleasing.
Evelyn: You have become such a strong Diaboli.
Evelyn: So intelligent and knowledgeable of the Dark Way.
Evelyn: To reward your devotion, I shall add to that knowledge.
-Evelyn holds out a hand.-
Evelyn: Come closer, my pet, and give me your Shadow Glyph.
YOU: Here you are.
-Evelyn begins purifying it as she speaks. She holds out her hand again.-
Evelyn: Your Entropy Glyph, if you will?
YOU: Entropy, here you are as requested.
Evelyn: So quick to obey.
Evelyn: I do adore that about you.
-Evelyn repeats the purifying on the glyph.-
Evelyn: Lastly, Humanoid.
Evelyn: One of the more…
Evelyn: interesting glyphs to use.
Evelyn: You do have one, don't you?
Evelyn: If so, give it to me now.
Evelyn: If not…
Evelyn: I simply can not part with mine.
YOU: Can you help me get one?
Evelyn: Oriven Thamal should be able to get what you need.
Evelyn: Such a helpful creature.
Evelyn: Much like you…
-Evelyn give a coy smile.-
→ Go to Oriven Thamel
YOU: I am looking for Humanoid Glyph.
Oriven: Something she asks of you, does she not?
Oriven: Yes, to pass the gates to further knowledge, one much procure that which provides the key of the mind.
Oriven: Without key, lock is nothing more than a useless barrier, no longer suited for its intended purpose.
Oriven: Yes, you are in need of this key.
Oriven: I shall provide that which is requested.
Oriven: The humble servant obliges the master.
-Oriven removes a small item wrapped in cloth from his ever present sack.-
Oriven: Take, but be wary.
Oriven: Some doors have lock and key for a well deserved reason.
Oriven: Other doors with no lock nor key should ever be touched.
→ Give Evelyn 1 Humanoid glyph
-Evelyn once again goes through the purification.-
Evelyn: Patience now.
Evelyn: The pleasure is in the process.
-Evelyn watches the glyph intently until it is purified to her.-
Evelyn: Now for the combine.
Evelyn: The order you do things is important.
-Evelyn winks and places Shadow, then Entropy, then Humanoid and starts the combine ritual.-
Evelyn: It is finished.
Evelyn: Now I shall demonstrate the spell.
Evelyn: Observe.
-Energy surrounds Evelyn and her shadow detaches and moves around seemingly under her control. They rise to caress her body before settling back to the floor.-
Evelyn: The Dark Way is such a wondrous thing.
-Evelyn folds your glyphs back into your hands.-
Evelyn: You will use this as a weapon on others.
Evelyn: You do not yet have the control and power that I possess.
Evelyn: If you attempt to use it on yourself, you will suffer pain, so do not try it…
Evelyn: unless you enjoy such things.
Evelyn: Purify your glyphs and execute the combine.
Evelyn: Then tell me what the name of the spell is.
YOU: animate shadow
Evelyn: There are many of these hidden combine spells, just waiting for you to find and use as you see fit.
Evelyn: Your knowledge must be great, and you must discover the order of the combine.
Evelyn: Even then, they may not reveal themselves the first few times.
-Evelyn's eyes show a hint of sadness.-
Evelyn: That is a lesson I learned long ago, taught to me by one of the greatest men to ever exist.
Evelyn: He was a Blue Way Archmaster, but rivalled Archmasters in all other Ways, nearly surpassing them in their own Way.
Evelyn: He even taught me a few things in the dark.
-Evelyn's brief smile fades.-
Evelyn: All power comes with a cost, and he did pay for what he had in the end.
Evelyn: We will speak of it another day, when we know each other much better.
Evelyn: Now one last lesson.
Evelyn: I give you a name: Gilata Meselir.
Evelyn: She is here in Dsar Kore.
Evelyn: Go and meet her.
Evelyn: I'd like you to return here and tell me what is her work.
→ Go to Gilata Meselir
YOU: May I know what is your job.
Gilata: [Gilata inclines her head] I am Gilata Meselir, vendor of fine pottery, created by my own hands. What is your need.
→ Go to Evelyn
YOU: pottery
Evelyn: Yes.
Evelyn: That is true.
Evelyn: A real, normal, nice little job, isn't it?
Evelyn: Many people wanted just this a normal life.
-Evelyn sighs.-
Evelyn: Some others are forced to leave their life.
Evelyn: And you.
Evelyn: If you really want to became a master you can say goodbye to every hope to have a normal life from now on.
Evelyn: The life of a Master of the dark Way it's a life of struggles.
Evelyn: Some outside.
Evelyn: Others inside of you.
-Evelyn pauses.-
Evelyn: So.
Evelyn: If you're still sure.
Evelyn: Hand me your bracers.
YOU: My Bracers as requested, Archmistress.
-Evelyn silently hands you another set of bracers, then studies you for a few moments as she runs a finger across her lips in thought.-
Evelyn: YOU, it is time to finalize your skills in the Dark Way.
Evelyn: However, I am not going to make it so easy this time.
Evelyn: If you recall, I mentioned some time ago that you should mingle with practitioners of the two Ways that support your own.
Evelyn: I need for you to also bring me one Master's Set of Bracers from each of those two Ways, and give all three to me all at once.
Evelyn: So, you will bring me your own wand, and one Master's Bracer from the Red and Brown Ways.
Evelyn: This is to prove you have gained respect and support from the Circles that support your own.
Evelyn: Only once you reach your limit will I accept these items and give you your final test.
Evelyn: You will know when that is.
Evelyn: I will be waiting…
-Evelyn runs her hands down her sides.-
Evelyn: …right here.
Rewards: 1 Humanoid glyph, 1 Master's Dark Way Bracers, 45 Faction with Dark Order, 19200 XP.