Frilaa's Lost Husband
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Frilaa Bhundri
YOU: Is there anything you need?
Frilaa: I don't need anything right now.
Frilaa: My husband will provide for me, I hope.
- Frilaa Bhundri's tail lowers a bit and she looks away.
YOU: Tell me about your husband.
Frilaa: My husband Jalar is one of the richest merchants in Hydlaa and he loves me very dearly.
- Frilaa Bhundri looks back at you and thinks for a moment before continuing.
Frilaa: But.
Frilaa: well.
Frilaa: I am beginning to get worried about him.
Frilaa: I haven't seen him for several days, and usually he tells me before embarking on lengthy journeys.
- Frilaa Bhundri looks about uneasily.
Frilaa: I don't mean to impose, but would you be willing to find him and ensure that he is safe?
Frilaa: I will make sure that he rewards you, of course.
- Frilaa Bhundri nods, more to herself than to you.
Frilaa: Yes, yes.
YOU: Sure I will help, where should I start?
Frilaa: Thank you so very much!
Frilaa: I am very grateful for your help.
Frilaa: My husband is always on good terms with the Vigesimi of Hydlaa.
- Frilaa Bhundri smiles and looks proud of this fact before her expression grows anxious again.
Frilaa: Perhaps you should talk to her?
Frilaa: Please hurry back!
→ Go to Amidison Stronghand
YOU: I am enquiring about Jalar, on behalf of Frilaa.
Amidison: Ah yes, Jalar.
Amidison: He came to talk to me about a week ago.
Amidison: He seemed a bit troubled.
- Amidison Stronghand closes her eyes and ponders for a minute.
Amidison: Ah, of course.
Amidison: He said he was going to Ojaveda 'on important business.' If you need to speak with him, I'd suggest that you ask about him there.
Amidison: Good luck on your journey, Sir.
→ Go to Brado
YOU: I am looking for Jalar; seen him around?
Brado: My server Fruntar mentioned something about that fellow a few days ago.
Brado: Why don't you ask him?
→ Go to Fruntar Durek
YOU: I am looking for Jalar.
Fruntar: The rich merchant?
Fruntar: Ah, yes, I think I saw a him a few days ago.
Fruntar: He was walking with some rogues on the Hydlaa road.
Fruntar: They seemed to be guarding him, but I only saw them for a minute.
Fruntar: They turned off not too far from here in Ojaveda.
- Fruntar Durek looks toward the tavern's doorway with an anxious expression.
Fruntar: You don't think that maybe...
Fruntar: oh, oh dear, I hope he is all right.
→ Go to Enack Lerenal
YOU: I am looking for the merchant Jalar.
Enack: Ah, yes, the 'aristocrat.'
- Enack Lerenal laughs darkly.
Enack: Someone looking for him, eh?
Enack: Well, I do have some information, but as you know, I'm a merchant...
Enack: it will be one thousand tria if you want to hear what I know.
Enack: You going to pay it?
YOU: Yes, I will pay.
Enack: All right then, hand it over.
→ Give Enack Lerenal 1000 Tria
YOU: Here, take it.
Enack: Ah, thank you for your cooperation.
Enack: Basically, it looks like our aristocratic friend has managed to offend the rogues somehow.
Enack: I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but they are none too happy with him.
Enack: He might still be alive, but you won't be able to get to him now, as he's under heavy guard.
Enack: I'd recommend you tell whoever's looking for him that he was captured.
→ Go to Frilaa Bhundri
YOU: I have bad news. Rogues captured your husband.
Frilaa: Heavens no!
Frilaa: How could this happen?
Frilaa: I...
Frilaa: I must get help immediately.
Frilaa: The guard must be raised.
Frilaa: Perhaps the Vigesimi will help.
Frilaa: They were good friends...
-She pauses for a second, looking about dazedly.-
Frilaa: I promised you a reward, did I not?
Frilaa: Well, my husband isn't here to open the safe, I cannot give you as much as I might like, but I will give what I can.
Frilaa: Thank you for your help.
-She hands you some circles before returning to her rescue plans.-
Frilaa: Farewell, Sir!
Rewards: 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.