Finra's Feast
Required: Bead of Sanity quest.
→ Go to Finra Neticlo
YOU: Can I help with something?
Finra: You wish to help Finra.
Finra: Helping Finra means sometimes undoing, sometimes generating chaos, sometimes destruction…
-Finra pauses as if giving careful thought to his words.-
Finra: Do you still wish to help Finra?
YOU: Yeah, sure.
-Finra graces you with an oily smile.-
Finra: Good.
Finra: Finra needs food!
Finra: Much food.
Finra: Before the ritual we must feast!
Finra: Go to Kada-El's, they have Finra's food.
Finra: Ask for Xilatorig's food, just a random name
→ Go to Allelia Symiestra
YOU: I was sent for Xilatorig's food.
Allelia: Ah yes.
Allelia: I have an order right here under the name of Xilatorig, an interesting name for interesting food.
Allelia: That'll be two hexas, please.
-Allelia holds out her hand.-
YOU: Here are your hexa.
Allelia: Thank you and here you go.
-Allelia hands you a large box.-
Allelia: All the food is in there, from the bread to the pickled rat liver…
-Allelia gives the box a distasteful glance as her voice trails off.-
Allelia: I see there are no drinks ordered, I hope that's ok.
→ Go to Finra Neticlo
YOU: Here is your order.
Finra: Good good, Finra thanks you, Kran.
-Finra looks you up and down.-
Finra: There is more, Finra wanted to see if he could trust you.
Finra: Finra can!
Finra: Go to Brado and get Finra's drinks.
Finra: Bring them to Finra and you will be rewarded.
-Finra hands you some coins.-
Finra: To pay for Finra's things.
→ Go to Brado
YOU: I was sent for Xilatorig's drinks.
Brado: Aye, took me some time to find out those drinks and
-he tries to find the right word-
Brado: liquids.
Brado: Here you go.
Brado: Be careful you don't spill any on yourself or you will smell for days!
-Brado puts a large box on the counter and holds out a hand for payment.-
Brado: That'll be two hexas.
YOU: Here are your hexa.
Brado: Thank you kindly, Kran.
Brado: Have a good day now.
-Brado hands you the large box.-
→ Go to Finra Neticlo
YOU: Here is your other order.
Finra: Great!
Finra: Thank you, Kran.
Finra: Finra will not forget you…
Finra: You may leave for now, and have this.
Finra: I will send a note to Relliom saying you helped me.
Rewards: 15 Faction with Cabal of Whispers, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.