A Brother's Love
Required: Winch Access.
→ Go to Pevrin Damerr
YOU: Do you have any work I can do? Odd jobs?
Pevrin: So you want something to do, right?
-Pevrin pauses as he thinks.-
Pevrin: Might you be able to help me in a personal matter?
Pevrin: It involves my brother, Bevon.
Pevrin: I have not seen him in many days.
Pevrin: I have this letter prepared for him.
Pevrin: He is rather nervous around pterosaurs and thus he is not willing to meet me here.
Pevrin: So I'd like to extend an invitation to him, to meet at Kada-El's for a drink.
Pevrin: I look forward to seeing him again so that we may tie our brotherly bonds once more.
Pevrin: Would you please bring it to him?
YOU: Sure, sounds like a simple task.
Pevrin: Then deliver this message to him as soon as you can, and come back if he gives a reply, please.
-Pevrin hands you a letter.-
→ Go to Bevon Damerr
YOU: Excuse me, I have something for you.
Bevon: Aye, what's this?
Bevon: A letter?
Bevon: I reckon I better read it then.
-Bevon looks over the letter and nods a few times.-
Bevon: Well aye, I sure do miss m' brother as well.
Bevon: If'n he wasn't workin' with those blasted pterosaurs, I reckon I'd be seein' a whole lot more of 'im.
Bevon: Please return to 'im and tell 'im I accept, and will meet 'im at the tavern.
→ Go to Pevrin Damerr
YOU: Bevon accepts your invitation.
Pevrin: Now that is good news!
Pevrin: Here, take this as a token of my appreciation.
Pevrin: I just hope I can get my brother to accept pterosaurs once he knows a bit more about them.
Pevrin: At any rate, it will be good to see him again.
Rewards: 1000 Tria, 8000 XP.