The Brown Way Adept
Required: Becoming a Brown Way Adept quest, Rank 50 Brown Way, 2 Apprentice's Brown Way Wands.
→ Go to Lorytia Starhammer
YOU: I was told to show you these two wands as prove of being a worthy student.
Lorytia: A new sapling in the Brown Way forest?
Lorytia: Wonderful news!
Lorytia: I look forward to guiding your reaching branches to the light of nature's magic.
-Lorytia scribbles something on a paper and hands it to you along with the wands.-
Lorytia: Return that wand to your fellow student.
Lorytia: I have updated the report but you will need to deliver it to Archmaster Mulgik.
Lorytia: I am not sure where he might be, but as a Kran he spends most of his time in Gugrontid.
→ Go to Mulgik
YOU: Here is the latest report from Lorytia.
Mulgik: How good to see you again, YOU.
Mulgik: Congratulations on your recent achievement within the Brown Way.
Mulgik: Now, for your last task as an initiate, I want you to return your Wand to Levrus.
Mulgik: Return to Lorytia after you have done so and she will have your first Adept item ready.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Here is my Brown Way Wand.
Levrus: A wand?
Levrus: Now, what would I do with such a thing?
Levrus: I am in spectacular shape and my trousers fit quite nicely.
Levrus: Made by the finest tailors, you see.
Levrus: However, since you are offering it too me, I can not refuse.
-Levrus takes a familiar box from under his counter and drops your wand in, then shakes it from side to side.-
Levrus: What is this?
Levrus: I seem to have a few items in here already.
Levrus: And one is a wand.
Levrus: Imagine that.
Levrus: I do wonder where they keep coming from.
Levrus: Well, I suppose I can offer them to you.
Levrus: If you don't want either of them, take this pie.
→ Go to Lorytia Starhammer
YOU: I am back.
Lorytia: Blessed be Xiosia, you have returned.
Lorytia: I assume you have Mulgik's blessings?
Lorytia: And you returned your wand to Levrus as well?
Lorytia: Good.
-Lorytia removes a wand from a bag and hands it to you.-
Lorytia: This is your new Adept's wand.
Lorytia: The power of Nature and the Brown Way is stronger within this wand than with your last.
Lorytia: Be sure you have returned the other Brown Way wand to the student who gave it to you.
-Lorytia smiles.-
Lorytia: Also, do not forget you will need a sufficient level of Brown Way and knowledge of the realm three spells before returning and handing me your wand as a sign of being ready to continue.
Lorytia: Ah yes, and you might also want to obtain and research a Red Way glyph called Hand.
Rewards: 1 Apprentice's Blue Way Staff, 1 Way Amulet[OR], 1 Pie[OR], 1 Adept's Brown Way Staff, 20 Faction with Brown Order, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.