Red Way Glyph Training
Required: Beginning the Red Way Apprenticeship quest, Rank 40 Red Way, 1 Apprentice's Red Way Wand, 1 Vortex glyph, 1 Might glyph.
[INFO]: You get the glyphs back.
β†’ Go to Ferryd Shillor
YOU: Please accept my wand as being a worthy student.
-Ferryd holds a hand up.-
Ferryd: Not so fast.
Ferryd: Welcome back YOU.
Ferryd: I sense that your Red Way skills have progressed nicely.
Ferryd: Are you ready for learning about spells which require a single glyph?
YOU: Yes, I come prepared.
Ferryd: Good, let me think.
-Ferryd taps his chin with his fore finger, then snaps his fingers.-
Ferryd: I know, give me…
Ferryd: No, you should hand be your Wand as proof of being a 'worthy student'.
YOU: My wand, as requested.
Ferryd: Great.
-Ferryd plays with the wand as he continues to speak.-
Ferryd: Now give me the glyph that can be used to surround the caster with a spire of protective flames, among other things.
-Ferryd awaits the glyph.-
Ferryd: Oh, and have this back.
β†’ Give Ferryd Shillor 1 Vortex Glyph
YOU: Would that be .. this one?
-Ferryd nods.-
Ferryd: Yes, Vortex is the correct Glyph.
Ferryd: You have met with Meoeor, I assume.
Ferryd: Such an impatient fellow, he is.
Ferryd: When I met him, he always seemed to think there was a shorter route to his desires, and never stopped to think about the gains of the longer path.
Ferryd: When studying magic, you may miss important experiences if you do not go slowly.
Ferryd: Not to mention the dangers of pushing yourself.
-Ferryd looks you over once before continuing.-
Ferryd: Now, let's see what else you have learned.
Ferryd: There is a Glyph that enhances your strength for a short time.
Ferryd: Do you possess one?
YOU: I do.
Ferryd: Good.
Ferryd: Then please show it to me.
β†’ Give Ferryd Shillor 1 Might Glyph
YOU: Here is the second glyph you requested.
-Ferryd grins.-
Ferryd: Yes, indeed.
Ferryd: I once used it on a small lemur girl and had a test of strength challenge with some of the strongest Kran.
Ferryd: They, however had no idea.
Ferryd: You should have seen them, their embarrassment almost turned them into red ruby Kran.
-Ferryd laughs uncontrollable for a while before wiping the tears from his eyes.-
Ferryd: Congratulations YOU, you know have the knowledge and Glyphs needed to proceed past this stage of training.
Ferryd: I give you these bracers as proof, and with then you can go by the title of Low Apprentice.
Ferryd: After you have trained your skills further, you will return them to me and I will test you once again.
Rewards: 1 Apprentice's Red Way Bracers, 15 Faction with Red Order, 10800 XP.