Only the Dark
Required: The Practical Dark Way Adept quest, Rank 100 Dark Way, 2 Adept's Dark Way Wands, 1 Apprentice's Dark Way Wand.
→ Go to Londris Kolaim
YOU: Take these wands, they are proof of my commitment to the Dark Way.
Londris: At last, you made a choice.
Londris: Are you ready to met her?
YOU: Yes I am.
Londris: You will have no way back after the encounter.
Londris: But first, return the other wands to their owners, then enter Dsar Kore, after the statue of the warrior you arrive in the ward of the fightings.
Londris: You can find her just opposite the arena, in a exclusive house.
Londris: Show her your own wand, and do your best to please her.
Rewards: 40 Faction with Dark Order, 17800 XP.