Introduction to the Merchants
Required: Nothing.
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YOU: Hello. What can you tell me about merchants?
Boralis: Ah, hello there.
Boralis: You want to know about merchants, eh?
Boralis: Well, look no further.
Boralis: My wife and I sell leather wares among other things.
Boralis: Leather armor is the lightest armor and is usually people's first experience with armor.
Boralis: It's good for…
-Boralis catches himself.-
Boralis: See, there I go again, always pitching the products.
Boralis: But you didn't ask about that, eh?
-Boralis smiles.-
Boralis: There are many merchants which sell all sorts of things.
YOU: In addition to you, where can I find some?
Boralis: Best to just go and investigate.
Boralis: I should first point out, merchants will both sell things and buy things, not always in the same categories.
Boralis: So it's best to seek out folks and find out what, if anything, they buy and sell as well as if they are a trainer of some sort.
Boralis: Smiths and barkeeps are always a good source for such things.
Boralis: In Hydlaa, the smith is Harnquist if you haven't already met his acquaintance.
Boralis: His smithy is right off the plaza.
Boralis: Allelia Symiestra is the barkeep at Kada-El's tavern.
Boralis: She'll buy your animal parts if you go huntin'.
Boralis: Also at the tavern, there is a cook, Jomed Parcen, who sells some food items.
Boralis: If you're interested in taking up fishing, Burdess Quirain can get you started.
Boralis: She can be found around the plaza, too.
Boralis: The Grotemeys are like us, a couple with a shop which you can find on your way to the library.
Boralis: You can sell your hides there.
Boralis: There are many many others in every city and sometimes along the way.
Boralis: Always check and make notes for yourself and you can't go wrong.
YOU: Thanks, that's good information. Anything I can do to help?
Boralis: Well, if you're looking for some work, there is Kaiman Jilatt, Ondren Torr, and Rolara Hammersong, who you can find around the plaza.
Boralis: Over in East Hydlaa, there is a good friend, Edrich Sultov, as well as Yonda Axebow, who is also a member of the Artist Association, and Mirra Houphen, who is a cook of note.
Boralis: I'm not sure all of them sell things publicly, but some may have work for you, so keep checking in.
YOU: Where should I start?
-Boralis looks concerned.-
Boralis: Well, I suppose you can help us if you want.
Boralis: Bandits have been a big problem.
Boralis: Some time ago there was a big raid on our Emporium.
Boralis: I was so angry my wife, Rinna, had to calm me down and insisted she would investigate.
Boralis: Best you speak with her about it.
Boralis: I get too worked up to think clearly.
YOU: One more question. Is there an association for merchants?
-Boralis nods, hesitantly.-
Boralis: There is, but…well, there's a bit more competition than for other associations.
Boralis: Merchants are more closely related to the associations their products deal with.
Boralis: For instance, a smith buys and sells raw materials and crafting materials so is more likely a member of the Crafting Association.
Boralis: A potion seller might be more likely a member of the Science Association, and so forth.
Boralis: Well, to be fair I should mention there are some major merchant businesses out there, like the Mikana Trading Company out in Ojaveda.
Boralis: I don't trust that guy though.
Boralis: There is also this dwarf I have seen who hangs out at the tavern, but I don't know much about him.
YOU: Thanks for your help.
-Boralis smiles.-
Boralis: No problem.
Boralis: Merchants tend to be friendly because we could always use the business.
Boralis: Good luck to ye!
Rewards: 8000 XP.