Dhalia Needs a Skin
Required: 1 Tefusang Skin.
→ Go to Dhalia Colat
Dhalia: Hello, need help doing any tasks today?
-Dhalia gives you a friendly smile.-
Dhalia: I have been looking for a tefusang skin for quite a while.
Dhalia: It would make a lovely trim for the outfit I wear during performances.
Dhalia: Could you find one for me?
YOU: I will get you the best looking skin out there.
Dhalia: Thank you, Diaboli.
YOU: Here is the skin as I promised.
-Dhalia takes the skin from you and smiles.-
Dhalia: Oh yes, this will do just fine.
Dhalia: Here are a few coins for your work, thanks.
Rewards: 1000 Tria, 8000 XP.